Eve-Marie Elkin, LCAT, LMSW

About Eve-Marie

Eve-Marie was born in New York, and as a teenager moved to Germany where she attended high school and received a degree in Social Work.

In 1981, she returned to New York and earned a Masters Degree in Creative Arts Therapy from Pratt Institute.

In 2010, she earned a Licensed Masters Degree in Social Work from Fordham University.

Her work as a therapist is informed by her meditation practice and her interest in mystical traditions such as Buddism and Kabbalah. Other influences include:

Eve-Marie is currently a faculty member at the Facilitator Training Course in Systemic Constellations in CT. She resides in Tarrytown, NY and is a married mother of four adult children.

Eve-Marie's Personal Statement

“In the early 90’s, while in the midst of mothering my then young children, I was moved to participate in a weekend workshop called: Life, Passion & Paint by a woman named Michelle Cassou.

The experience of self-expression with color shape and image-free of product and judgment-touched me at my core; it felt like I had picked up a thread which was bringing me closer to an experience of my self that I had been searching for during my mothering years. It also resonated deeply with my professional interest: how self-expression and play can be both freeing and healing at the same time. I was moved to explore further.

A few years later, I heard about family constellations when a German friend of mine (I grew up in Germany) gave me Bert Hellinger’s fist book published in Germany called “Ordnungen der Liebe” (“Orders of Love”). Shortly thereafter I participated in a workshop in Washington DC, lead by Bert Hellinger himself and in September of 2001, I took part in his two- year training in New York to become a constellation facilitator.

What resonated within me was how much sense it made: it was visual; it was clear; it had a structure and it worked. The possibility that an emotional energy field exists within families was an eye-opener. It came as a relief to realize that my burdens were not exclusively mine; not that they weren’t my responsibility; I carried them, but that I could free myself from what did not belong to me, alone.

Like the family constellations, the painting experience was a way to take me to the personal and beyond; to the blocks that consisted of my generational, cultural, and collective conditioning. When I was not confined to personal story, a tension was released; and a courage summoned to face my demons, my creative blocks, and the hidden history within my family.

I still value the benefits of many prior years of experience in personal therapy (my father was a psychoanalyst): an ability to bond in close relationship that need not reap destruction, the development of compassion for myself and those who suffered a personal loss – whether a loved one, a home, country, or parts of oneself due to illness – and awe at the resiliency of the human spirit.

My healing was further augmented and supported by my interest and experience in movement, yoga and dance. The body has always been a resource- to connect to myself and in relation to others. My training in Somatic Experience supports this, as the nervous system and the body are referenced while working with trauma.

My spiritual and “transpersonal” interest offers a view of wholeness and meaning beyond the individual.And last but not least the most expansive framework, foundation and source for my practice is provided by the mystical teachings of Thomas Huebl.

I invite you to journey with me…

Please call Eve-Marie at 914-844-6213 to schedule an appointment.

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