I am a psychotherapist, a learner and searcher.
I assist others to live their full potential.

My work is informed by my meditation practice and my living according to the mystical principles as taught by Thomas Huebl. These principles are inherent in every mystical tradition and in the very foundation of our lives.

This is what first attracted me to the Family Constellation work of Bert Hellinger – the idea that every family has a unique energy field, that the burdens I carry do not necessarily belong to me alone, and the distinction between what is mine and my responsibility and what does not belong to me – this brought together the teachings I learned and observations I made. This work provides a structure that is visible, makes sense and works.

These are just a couple of the principles that provide the framework for my work, whether in Individual psychotherapy, Somatic Experience trauma work, Family Constellation work, or my work with Collective and Generational trauma.

The connecting thread that informs me is that we are not separate but part of a larger field of information and communication. This helps me to know my place and what is mine to do in the world.

I use a whole body approach to feel into an other which opens a new space for healing.

Other influences include:

Teaching & Facilitating

  • Faculty member of the Facilitator Training course in Systemic Constellations in CT

  • Assistant in the US Timeless Wisdom Training (TWT)

In addition I have benefited from many years of personal work including psychoanalysis, trans-personal psychotherapy, core energetics, dance/yoga /creative arts therapy and somatic experience. The body has always been a resource to connect to myself and to others.

Cultural Perspectives & Education

The understanding of different cultures was facilitated by my own upbringing. While I was born in New York City, I moved to Germany when I was 12 years old, where, after high school, I studied Social Work at the University in Berlin.

In 1981 I returned to New York City where I earned a master’s degree in Creative Arts Therapy at Pratt Institute. I then earned an additional master’s degree in Social Work from Fordham University.

I am a wife and mother of four with two granddaughters and currently reside in Tarrytown, New York.