“Pay attention, feel into and bring into conscious awareness where we came from so we can transform the destiny of the past into a liberating movement instead of a burden to carry. When we work with the issues dealt to us, we are the future rewriting the past.” – Thomas Hüebl

Family & Systemic Constellations

Constellation work is a powerful process that enables individuals to overcome dysfunctional patterns that have been repeated in families or in cultures for generations.

Tomorrow is the future only if not a repetition of the past.

Trauma is inherent in our ancestral line – we have been born into a traumatized field. Unconscious patterns of behavior, as well as thoughts and emotions, are transmitted from generation to generation. They are also present within groups, society and culture.

They are transmitted out of loyalty and love and out of an innate survival need to belong to the family/system. These patterns can inhibit the true expression of self, our creativity and natural movement. They can create symptoms such as alcoholism, disease and other abusive dynamics.

We come to a Family Constellation workshop because we feel a pressure. We have an impulse to seek change from an as yet unconscious pattern. In a constellation the dynamics of loyalty and love are revealed along with the price that was paid to maintain our loyalty of love. We look at this price: who or what was excluded from the system ? In the case of a family the disruption in the system can span several generations as patterns of the past repeat themselves.

In bringing these patterns to light a transformation process is initiated. These basic principles guide the work:

  • We bring awareness to what was excluded in the system. The more we can include, the more connected and less separate we feel.

  • We establish a healthy balance between giving and taking so that energy can circulate through us and throughout the system in a healthy way.

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