“Start changing yourself if you want to change the life around you.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Somatic Experiencing

We have the innate capacity to heal.

In today’s world, symptoms of stress such as anxiety, fear, disconnection, anger and depression are common.

Healing is bringing back into alignment those parts of ourselves that are disconnected due to a traumatic experience or a series of stressful and traumatic events. Disconnection happens as trauma creates a split in the body, emotions and mental functions as well as in our relational capacity. The resulting stagnation of life energy inhibits the flow within the nervous system, rendering us unable to respond to life with our full potential.

Somatic Experiencing is a gentle, mindful, body-oriented approach to healing trauma or stress related disorders. We listen to sensations and emotions as the language of the nervous system. The body becomes a resource for healing.

Trauma is also stored in the body in a place and a time. When and where did trauma occur?

This requires time, space and attuning to the unique rhythm of each individual nervous system. Awareness and relational presence facilitate the coherence of sensation, emotion and thought patterns. The energy trapped in the trauma pattern can then be released into the central nervous system leading to feeling more connected to life.