Nothing ever goes away until...


"Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know." - Pema Chodrin

We were sixty people at a recent three day Family Constellation workshop facilitated by Stephan Hausner, an experienced facilitator. Those who witnessed the work and those who presented an issue could experience the power inherent in the externalization of an inner entanglement. In the movement and healing sentences a resolution of the issue presented appeared.

When essential movements and dynamics are revealed we can see underlying principles of life at work.

Here are a few of them which convey a wisdom we can apply to our lives:

  • What is excluded does not disappear.
    We experienced the process of including what had been excluded and felt relief as previously hidden entanglements - presented as symptoms - came to light.

  • When there is judgment we remain separate.
    When we judge someone or expect something from a partner, intimacy is lost. This too is a way of excluding.

  • We can only move on in life if we honor what we leave behind.
    Honoring includes letting go of what we have received as well as letting go of the pain from what could not be received. It includes closeness as well as separation.

  • Change requires honoring what is.

  • Another aspect of this work is how we approach a problem.
    Through whose or what lens am I looking at an issue? Is it the lens of our past or our ancestors?
    This question helps us bring awareness to the experience of the entanglement and thus moves us closer to our essential nature.

Eve-Marie Elkin