There are no strangers - only versions...


"There are no strangers. There are only versions of ourselves, many of which we have not embraced, most of which we wish to protect ourselves from." - Toni Morrison

We are living in intense times. I recently heard that intense means "to stretch towards". We are being called to stretch towards a new way of relating; not one that pits one person against the other; that keeps us separate in the name of independence but that acknowledges our differences while feeling our common humanity.

Where does this notion of Other come from?

We have learned to define our individual self by separating it from the other. Whatever feelings may underlie this belief - anger, fear, threat - they are upheld in our culture and in our collective heritage.

We have created an Other.

As S. Schulman says: "Nothing disrupts dehumanization more quickly than inviting someone over, looking into their eyes, hearing their voice, and listening."

This is what Family Constellation work does:

We bring back into consciousness that which has been separated.

Family Constellation work helps us to remember what has been forgotten, to feel again what has gone numb, and to speak again what could not be voiced.

Eve-Marie Elkin